Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Christmas report and more free printables

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. 
One of my best gifts was opening the mail. I LOVE Christmas cards and was so tickled pink when I found my silly doodles on friends' Christmas cards. I actually got a little teary eyed. :) Thank you for that wonderful honor. 

WARNING: This next part might make me look like the coolest mom ever . . . just wanted to warn you. :)
After we opened all the presents I handed our kids their last present, a Christmas treasure hunt, a slip of paper that had their first clue. They spent the next 10 minutes running around the house finding clue after clue, and at each clue they found a bag of laminated puppets. Some they had seen before, like the mermaids, princesses and pirates, but the rest of them I had kept secret. 

The final clue led them to a puppet theater (an expandable pole holding a sheet that you put in a door frame). Isn't it awesome? My mom made it, I swear she has a hidden wand that she uses to "wa-la" transform anything into something amazing.

The captive audience. 

The day before Christmas I decided our little boy needed some more boy puppets so I quickly put together these Space Robots. They have been his favorite, hope you like them too. (Click on the image and save to your computer, make sure to scale to correct size before printing)

I added color to the mermaids and princesses and wanted to share them with you. (Same instructions, click on the image and save to your computer, make sure to scale to correct size before printing) 

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Paper puppets (pirate, cowboy & fairy) Free Printables

*** Thanks everyone for your support and for finding me! This post has become my most popular, and most viewed. I updated these puppets so they download easier and with better quality. Also I added some mermaids & space robots puppets. Click here for updated puppets

Merry Christmas friends & family! 
I drew the following paper puppets for my sister-in-law for Christmas. She is going to laminate them before taping to popsicle sticks so they last a little longer. 

I hope you enjoy these free printables. (Click on image and save to your computer. Make sure to scale to correct size before printing).

And/or you can print them off with no color and have your kids color them. (I'm totally an ink hog, and am very choosy in what I print in color, so I try offer everything in color and black & white). 

Because I have no skills with a sewing machine my mom is helping me make this puppet theater. By helping, I mean I sit next to her and talk her leg off while she sews. 

Ours wont be quite this wide, just wide enough for a door frame, but the same idea. I found this design at Skip to my lou. Sewing is one skill I would like, but just looking at a sewing machine overwhelms me, what's with all those buttons, and needles? 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Themed Family Pictures

A month or so ago I asked for some volunteers to try some different ideas. Thanks to these wonderful friends who let me experiment on them. 

I love this beautiful family. I think this really fits their wonderful, wonderful family!!

My good friend Shelley has the cutest kids that were pirates this year for Halloween. Aren't they adorable! (Captain Hook & Mr. Smee) 
Here is my version. I tried to keep the colors the same so the boys would recognize themselves. And their little sister, I made her a little older looking.

Analia's family was also pirates for Halloween, and I LOVED her costume. 
Here is my version, I added a peg leg and an eye patch to Seth (who for some reason my husband called Jason for months before we finally corrected him, you are not the first person my husband has done this to) :)

And the Simpson family. I don't have a Halloween picture for you, but just imagine the cutest little red head boy and that is their adorable son. I grew up with Scott since grade school, and he and his wife are high school sweethearts. They are pretty awesome. 

Becca volunteered her family for this one and I was so excited. Becca has naturally gorgeous red/brown hair, and I thought she would make a wonderful Ginny. So I'm pretending that this is a blond Harry Potter, married to Ginny, and this is their daughter. It's a stretch, but either way Becca has a wonderful husband and a beautiful baby girl.

Thanks guys!! 
For those who liked the pirate ones, I am making a pirate coloring page/puppets that I will post soon. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Each family is unique

I usually sit down to draw a basic family picture, but it never comes out that way. No family is "basic" even if we have the same number of siblings, or same hair color as someone else's family, that doesn't make our families the same. We are each unique, however there are some "basic" things I believe all families have in common. Real love, wonderful humor, inside-jokes, weird mannerisms, and support (such as I-can-make-fun-of-my-sibling-but-if-anyone-else-does-I'll-kick-their-trash.) Ahh, I love families. 
There was my deep thought for the day. 

I hope you enjoy these wonderfully unique families.

Two cute boys alone would make an awesome picture. But then Kaylin said 
"As far as hobbies go, if you did something with computers that would be funny. To say my husband likes computers would be an understatement."
 I tried to draw her husband's company "Scion Computer Systems" logo (a circle flame) on his laptop. Cute, cute family Kaylin! I truly smiled with delight drawing this. 

And with some improvements here is Shelly's family again. Here is her first draft. I personally LOVE the pepsi can, and so did she except she said "Pepsi is disgusting, it's coke I love, vanilla coke to be exact." 
Well . . .  too bad, I like the pepsi so it's staying. :) 
This picture is her blog title and the following words are written beneath it ; this phrase really does describe Shelly. (I tinkered around with some fonts.)

Thanks guys for sharing your beautifully-unique-non-basic families.