Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl! Ugly Thoughts free printable

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl!

Last year I shared this post about my favorite quote from Roald Dahl. I shared more details on Roald Dahl and the artist Quentin Blake in the original post, and my cute little girl. 

I could read these beautiful and quirky words over and over again. 

I've wanted to hang this quote, especially the drawings, in my bathroom for a long time, but all I had was an old copy from a book. So I scanned the picture in and changed the font. All credit is given to Roald Dahl & Quentin Blake. 

If you would like to hang this up in your home, closet, bathroom, etc, feel free to save image to your computer and download & print. You can also comment with your e-mail and I'll e-mail you a copy in JPEG & PDF. Or you can e-mail me springmcdonald(at)gmail.com.

Hope you have a wonderful day and have good thoughts that will shine out your face like sunbeams.

Monday, August 1, 2016

A Scottish family portrait - 60th wedding anniversary

A month ago I was contacted by Katrina from Scotland, Great Britain. She asked me to draw a family portrait for her parent's 60th wedding anniversary. This project was so wonderful and near and dear to my heart. I wanted to share more of the back story, and dedicate a whole post to it, so I hope you enjoy!

John & Julia are the cutest Scottish couple. This is their love story.  
John likes to play golf, and Julia loves small birds like robins, blackbirds and bluebirds.
During their 60 years they were blessed with 3 children, 4 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren and wonderful in-laws that married into the family. 

They love to visit Forth Rail Bridge just west of Edinburgh, Scotland. I loved learning about this beautiful bridge. 
They started construction on the bridge in 1882, and finished in 1890, it was the longest single cantilever bridge span in the world at the time of it's completion, and is currently the world's second longest single cantilever span. 

The pictures of the construction are beautiful

To illustrate the use of tension and compression in the bridge, there was a demonstration in 1887 with the Japanese engineer, Kaichi Watanabe, supported between the two designers, Fowler & Baker, sitting on chairs. I'll be honest. I still don't understand it. 

 Now back to John & Julia. Their daughter said this is one of their favorite spots. 

They even purchased a love lock to hang on the Forth Road Bridge. Their lock says, 
"John & Julia Truly, madly, deeply." 
They are such romantics. 

After many correspondences with their daughter Katrina, and tweaking the picture here and there, here is the final portrait. It included all their favorite things.

See the love locks on the railing behind them? There are also little inside stories all over the picture, like a bluebird on the Julia's shoulder, and George from Peppa Pig on the little boy's shirt, and the teenager granddaughter that always poses with "peace" fingers over her eyes, daughter holding flowers because she is a florist, and more.

And ta-da, here are John & Julia on their 60th wedding anniversary with the portrait framed. Katrina said they loved it!

However my favorite part of the picture is the picture of the Queen next to the cake. I ask Katrina about it and she said it was a personal card from the Queen. The palace / Queen send cards to citizens on special occasions such as this. How sweet! Where was my birthday card President Obama?

Here are some up close pictures of the card. 

I loved my conversations with Katrina, and had a special bond with this project. My husband's ancestors come from Scotland (our last name is McDonald), and almost 2 years ago we were able to travel to Scotland. We stopped in Edinburgh and then traveled to the very top of Scotland to Wick & Thurso where we found a very small community called Surrey. We found the stone remains of the homes my husband's ancestors lived in. It was very amazing to walk the same land and even sit inside the church his great-great-great grandparents were married in.

Here is a picture of us in Edinburgh. We were only miles away from the Forth Rail bridge but we didn't know about it. We have been wanting to go back and do more family research in beautiful England & Scotland and the top of my list is visiting Forth Rail bridge, and you better believe I'm going to look for John & Julia's love lock and hopefully add our own. 

My husband in Surrey, where we tracked his last relative to have lived in this little community and possibly lived in one of these homes.

And one of our favorite days was my husband competing in a mile run at a highland game. 

I hope to look as beautiful as Julia, and my husband as handsome as John on our 60th wedding anniversary and have our children all around us. Thank you Katrina for finding my little business and asking me to help with this special project!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kitchen Doodle Art inspired by Julia Child

I hate cooking, I abhor cooking, I detest cooking. What other word can I use? How about just simply I'm terrible at cooking! Wait! That is probably why I hate cooking!

If you follow my instagram account "springtimedoodles" you can see my doodles but you also see my history of cooking fails.

"My apologies to the church Christmas party. Looks like the Oreo pie I made wont be attending the party tonight. She's a hot mess."

I was craving my mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies. Yep, nailed it! In case you couldn't guess, mine are on the left. My mom's are on the right. They were rock hard within 10 seconds of cooling.

Sometimes my children are so very thoughtful and try to help with my kitchen fails. Like the time my toddler spilled a whole bottle of cayenne pepper. I don't even know why I have cayenne pepper. What do you put it in??

 And on the slight occasion I don't burn something I flip out. Quite literally. Forcing my children to give me high fives and then instantly sharing on instagram to prove I didn't starve my children that evening. This was my first time making creamed peas and potatoes. I was so excited. And guess what? I haven't made them since. I can't remember the recipe. I'm too scared to try again. 

"I'm so proud of myself tonight. If I had 10 hands they would all pat me on the back . .  I made cream potatoes & peas."

When I married my husband he had to do most our cooking. Our little apartment didn't have any room for a table, so I sat on the counter, pulled out a drawer below me, stuck my feet in the drawer and ate Twinkies while he cooked one of the 3 meals he knew how to, frozen burritos, angel hair spaghetti, or shrimp fried in butter. 

I slowly started cooking more and more, you kind of have to with three children. Hating every minute of it. However a couple years ago I learned about Julia Child. Awwww, I love that woman. She was a 6'2" American lady who married her lovely husband, Paul, after WW2. They were stationed in Paris with his work for the US government. It is said jokingly that she couldn't even boil an egg before she went to Paris. But she fell in love with the French cooking and wanted to share it with the world. She became trained and then spent the rest of her life teaching how to cook French food, writing books, television shows, etc. 

Julia Child had wit and humor and the world fell in love, just as much, with her as they did her cooking. 

Some of my favorite quotes from her:

“Everything in moderation... including moderation.” 
― Julia Child

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” 
― Julia Child

“Remember, 'No one's more important than people'! In other words, friendship is the most important thing--not career or housework, or one's fatigue--and it needs to be tended and nurtured.” 
― Julia ChildMy Life in France

Julia child was also kind. Whenever she went to a restaurant she would visit and shake the hands of every staff member in the kitchen. There is a story shared where she visited a restaurant and her friend noticed her struggling to eat her meat. He told her to send it back to have it cooked a little more or to send it back for something else. But she said no, it would terribly embarrass the chef to have the famous Julia Child send back his food. So she simply smiled and ate it.  

So I made the change. No more fear. If I'm going to cook and fail, then great! More funny pictures to share. But I'm going to do it! 

I tried to think of ways to motivate myself, and I thought of my little doodles. I wanted to hang some in my kitchen, so I searched for some of my favorite and funny quotes and went to work drawing and designing them. 

And here you have them, the first 2 are Julia Child quotes, the rest are just funny ones I found online. (I have found even more quotes I want to use, so I guess this is just the first installment)

If you would like to purchase one, click on the individual links, they are an instant digital prints. You can print from home or send to a print shop, sadly the frame is not included. 

This one is a personal favorite of mine. My apologies to all my vegetarian friends. 

And this one!! This one fits my personality best. 

This one I might have to hide in a cupboard, it would totally gross my children out. But the statement is true! :)

Here are a few framed in my little kitchen. It's bigger than our first apartment, and yes, we finally have a kitchen table. 

I grin a little every time I see them, and they motivate me to cook just a little more. And look, I planted my first garden, three little containers of herbs. Yippee, look out Julia Child, I might be the next food extraordinar . . . or maybe I'll just sit here and eat my Twinkies. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

New app - LDS FUN

I received some really exiting news today. A few years ago I was approached by a couple people in my community that were creating a children's LDS app. They asked me to draw the pictures for the coloring app. You can read all about the experience and see the app here. This is an LDS app, what does LDS mean? It is a nick name for a church I belong to, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as the Mormons. Yep, I'm one of those weird mormons, but I hope you still feel welcome here, my drawings and doodles are for all! 

A few weeks ago they let me know they were making a new app using the same pictures but with lots of additional activities like puzzles, connecting dots, mazes and coloring. It looks fantastic!! I also absolutely adore the children voices you hear in the app. 

Today the app was launched and for a limited time it is half price, only $0.99. Here is the link to purchase. 

If you can't click on the link, copy and paste this 

The name of the app is LDS FUN by CPA Solutions, LLC.

Here are some screen shots of the app. 

You might notice that the main picture and little icon are not my drawing (although they are so super cute). My pictures are just the activity pictures.





Below is a video showing how you can use the app. Never in my wildest dream did I imagine I could watch my own children color my drawings on an app. Thanks to Daniel for doing all the hard work of designing the app. And thanks to a loving Heavenly Father above who somehow has brought so many blessings into my life. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Teacher appreciation gifts

It's that time of year again where we bow down and say a huge thank you to our marvelous teachers. Actually, I think it was last week. But . . .  my lilacs are in full bloom so we are giving our teachers their gifts (flowers) with a nice thank you note today. 

I just noticed how loved my kitchen table is with scratch grooves and pen drawings. Lucky table :) 

Here is a link with all the teacher gifts I have posted in past years 

If the link doesn't work copy and past this in your search browser. 

Cute tags to attach to flowers or soap, bookmarks & printable to frame. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Christmas 2015 family portraits

Merry Christmas . . . just a little late. 
Christmas time is always my busiest season, when I receive the most orders. And this year was my busiest by far. Thanks for your support for my little shop. It was the first time I had to turn orders away (sorry again to the few I had to). 

For the whole month of December I would tuck my little children in bed and then spend all evening drawing and editing. I'll admit, there were days I was worried I bit off more than I could chew and would not finish in time, but my little family was so sweet and supportive, and let's just say we had mac & cheese with cut up hot dogs one too many times for dinner. 

I closed my shop for a few weeks after Christmas to relax but I'm open again. If you would like a portrait for Valentine's Day hurry and order. I have limited spots open. 

Below are some of the Christmas portraits I drew. I had so much fun drawing these and watching them come to life. I have said this many times before but my favorite part really is making friends all over the country and world. Good people and beautiful families are everywhere. 

One of my favorites, the Blain family. This was all Alicia & her husband's ideas. I loved the idea of trees in the background, I had never done that before, and antlers in the title. Also I learned a lot about hunting and guns. I originally drew the gun upside down, whoops, ha ha, didn't know that's not how you hold a gun. :)

Not only is this family super adorable but the wife LOVES Taco Bell. No, like seriously. On her wedding day she has a picture of them going through the Taco Bell drive thru with her wedding dress. ha ha. So we had to fit Taco Bell in the picture but still make it look classy. A Taco Bell purse it was.  

Oh how I love when I get UK orders. This sweet family was just the cutest. The husband is in the Royal Marines, the wife loves Harry Potter & is a brownie leader. The little girl loves all things princess and Peppa Pig, and the little boy loves cars and penguins.

Another military family portrait. I love drawing military uniforms. This family is awesome! Lots of little details for each child. 

I love the details in this picture. The little girl always wears her favorite purple blanket tied around her neck like a cape. And the little boy loves soccer & spiderman. 

This family loves LSU, can you tell? The mom also sews amazing cute dresses for her little girl, this is a dress she sewed for her.

This one is a simple couple, but I really love it.

Batman love!

This one is simple but also really classy, love love it!!

I loved this family, and all their awesome details! I love drawing red heads, but sometimes have a hard time finding the right shade hair color. I loved how this turned out!

I love this family of all boys. (I really loved using these pine trees again)

This little fury family was so cute. Sometimes animals are harder to draw than humans because there are so many kinds of dogs to learn to draw and their colors are all unique. 

I love to draw portraits for friends. And these friends required a special signature on their portrait. "String" . .  it's an inside joke. :) 

Big family portraits always take longer to draw, but not because there are more people to draw but because I have to wrap my head around everyone in the picture, where to place them and all the details each person needs. But it's always worth it. Love them.

I love the dad in this picture. He's a retired Army Colonel, so we added the "full-bird colonel" symbol on his black vest.

I drew quite a few portraits for grandparents. I used the same quote on a lot of them, but hey, it's a really good quote!

These next two grandpas just had the coolest looks. Loved drawing them!

Isn't the grandpa the coolest in this picture? Like a real cowboy. Loved drawing him!

This sweet family is dear to me. I loved each of their details down to the aunt in the wheelchair holding her nephew's hand. Oh and the My Little Pony dress. :)

This one is full of little details. Notice the Rolling Stones shirt, husband's Steeler's coffee mug, the spoiled cute dog who ALWAYS has her treats close by, and of course the cute cheerleader daughters. 

Love this sweet family with 2 missionaries. 

Another UK picture. I always have to remember "football" is the correct term for soccer. And I loved their request for their son to be jumping on the trampoline. 

I also drew a couple simple stick figure family portraits. I don't get asked to draw these kind as often. They are always so fun. 

It was probably an overload of pictures, and I think I used the word "loved" 100 times. Someone buy me a thesaurus. :)

Thanks again for letting me share these sweet families with you. After spending hours drawing and editing each of these families I really do feel so close to them a wish them all the very best!!