Sunday, September 3, 2017

animal doodles for classroom bulletin boards

My niece, Ali, is 9 years younger than me. She was more like a little sister than niece, and growing up I spent all my spare time at my sister's house playing with Ali. She was my little sidekick and I adored her. 

Last week she started her first year as a 3rd grade elementary school teacher. I am so proud of her! She spent this summer planning and preparing her classroom. She had a color theme, purple, turquoise blue, and lime green. She asked me to draw the following animals to decorate her room and bulletin boards. 

I'm thinking of making these available on etsy as a package for other teachers to purchase for their classroom. What do you think?

One wall had a giant shark that said "Fish are Friends not Food" with a fish tank below it. Then she had a board that said "A Sea of Helpers" with assignments for cleaning the room.

The owls each have a number on their belly that correspond to the student's number. The owls are also on the board that shows all the birthdays and says "One Year Older and Wiser"

These reptiles were next to the "The Rules of the Jungle" bulletin board. 

She blew up this beehive and it said "Welcome to our hive" outside her classroom. The best part is Ali's dad is a beekeeper so she is going to have him come do a presentation in her classroom about bees. She really wants bees to be apart of her theme. 

She framed the following pictures and put them on her bookshelf to inspire reading. 

Here are some pictures of her classroom

I am so proud of her. She always wanted to be a teacher and she has reached her goal. Everyone keeps saying the first year is the hardest but I'm not worried about her. She already loves her students and will give it a 110%. 

Here is a side by side low quality photo of us at Ali's high school graduation, and then 4 years later at her college graduation. I remember just beaming with pride. She is a wonderful person in every way. Good luck Ali, I love you! Now go teach some children some knowledge. :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

FREE teacher questionnaire

It is the end of the school year and the cheesy teacher gifts are coming out! Check out this link to see past cheesy ideas (free printable for hand soap, flowers, bookmark, and pretty quote you can frame).

This year I decided to make a questionnaire for my children to fill out all about their teacher. I love the ones they fill out for Mother's Day or Father's Day, so I decided to make one for their teachers. 

Here is a questionnaire for younger children. It has room to draw a picture
(to download just click on picture to download to computer and then print, or click her for JPEG or PDF)

My oldest is in 5th grade and she thought she was too old to draw a picture, so her questionnaire just had more questions. 
(to download just click on picture to download to computer and then print, or click her for JPEG or PDF)

I loved my children's answers so much that I decided I wanted their whole class to fill them out. I sent a stack (30 papers) to school with my daughter when she knew her teacher was going to have a sub and she gave them to all her classmates to fill out and then she brought them home. 

My son's teacher wasn't planning on having a sub any time soon, so he took them to a school with a note from me asking the children to fill them out, but his teacher could not look. :)

I thought this would be a cute idea, but I had no idea how hilarious it would be! 

Here are some of the answers from the children. 

My teacher always says  . . ."zip it lippy" 

After school my teacher . . .  "Talks to Mark (her fiance) and looks at pinterest" ha ha ha!

My son's 3rd grade teacher is the sweetest lady ever!! She is in her 50s and this is her first official year teaching. EVERY single child said her favorite snack is raspberries. And almost every single child said she always says "naughty, naughty, naughty" but not one child spelled it correctly. ha ha!

After school my teacher sleeps. yep! 

Now this next one had me crying I was laughing so hard. Several said their favorite memory is when their teacher accidentally swore. What?! And then I kept reading more and this child described the incident better. ha ha!! That poor lady, it was a total accident, she just said two words in a row that sounded a lot like a swear word. I can't stop laughing!

 After I finished laughing I bound all the papers into a little book.

 Isn't this picture just the sweetest!

And I love this last one!
What I will miss most about my teacher  . . "is all of the funny sentences she says when we have a spelling test"

Another child said what I will miss most is her hugs.

My son is a quiet little guy, I can't get much out of him. At his last parent teacher conference I met with his teacher not so much worried about his school work or grades but about him. Did he talk very much at school, was he happy there, did he get along with his friends, etc? His teacher just smiled and sighed and told me how much she loves him. I could feel her love for him just pour out. That he is wonderful, happy and a great helper at school. My little heart just soared to know that he is loved and taken care of at school. 

Aww.  . . . teachers really are so amazing and special. What other profession can have such an impact on these little humans. 

You don't have to have the whole class fill out a questionnaire. Just have your child fill it out and I promise your child's teacher will love it. Or better yet, just write a sincere thank you card! Words have more power than any cutiest cheesy gift. 

(wording by Bitsy Creations, drawing by me - Spring Time Doodles)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Valentine's Day cards 2017

I love love love Valentine's Day cards. But I don't love mushy sappy Valentine's Day cards.
That's just wrong. A Valentine's Day card should make you chuckle, giggle, or at least make your mouth grin on one side. And if you still want something sentimental you should write it yourself inside one of my funny cards. Right?

These cards are available on my etsy shop with lots more, take a look around!

wait for it . . .

You could delivery this to your sweetheart with a plate of sticky buns, cinnamon buns or just with your buns. 

My sister and I had a heated discussion about this card. I made a boy version to give my husband. But do you give your husband the boy or girl card? I was thinking you would give a man the boy card because he is the baker, but my sister thinks you would give your husband the girl card because you are giving it to him. As you can tell we have very intellectual conversations, so just give either one. 

Okay, I lied, this one is a little mushy, but I love it. Doesn't it make you want to sigh  . . . awww . .

I love cheeseburgers, and I especially am proud of that cute little cheese burger I drew. It's making me a little hungry.

wait for it . . .

If I had to pick a favorite, this would be it. It's a little stalkerish but who doesn't love a stalker!

wait for it . . .

 . . .

 . .

These last two are a little more simple, nothing inside, perfect place to write that sentimental stuff.
I love my little surfer dude

And this dudett is pretty cute too. 

My cards are usually $3.00, but I am doing a Valentine's Day special, only $1 a card. Why? Because I just want everyone to have one!! I wish the shipping was free, but darn post office wouldn't comprise with me. So enter LOVECARD when checking out and get $2.00 off each card. If you live close by me just tell me the card you would like and I will hand deliver it (and just skip the post office).

Still want to see more Valentine's Day cards? Click here for even more. They are pretty rad too!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Christmas portraits 2016

It's that time of year again when I can finally post the Christmas portraits I drew the last few months. It's always my busiest time of year and I really appreciate your support and love making new friends from all over!

I say this every time, but I mean it every time. I feel so close to these families when I draw them. I look at their pictures, trying to get the hair, clothes and hobbies just right, and after several hours I feel like I know them and feel like we are best friends. Even if I already know that family, I feel like I know them and love them even more. That probably just sounded stalkerish, but it's true. I love these dear families and I believe every family is beautiful.

This rad family is my sister-in-law. I loved all the details she asked for. Each person has something that represents them, and her arms are full holding her family that she loves so much. Oh and their momma and baby cow. They are certainly part of the family. 

I love the Cook family. They are my awesome neighbors and I just adore their little girl!

 My 4 year old loved watching me edit on the computer and would beg to color the family I was editing. So I would print off a pen version (one where I hadn't add color yet) and she would happily color next to me. I started to think how much a child (or maybe even adult) might like to color their own family. So I started to send a black & white color version also with the finished portrait. I hope the children (and maybe even adults) enjoyed coloring it.

I loved drawing this Chicago Cubs loving family. I love when husbands order portraits. The way he described his wife & children was so sweet. 

I was asked to draw several "simple stick figure families" and I LOVED drawing these! I especially loved the scarves on this family.

 I love floral dresses!

Oh how I love these simple stick figures!

I loved the colors and sweet dogs in this one!

The Stumpp family are all avid scouters. This was a rad order to draw them all in their Venture scouting uniforms and try draw all the patches in the right places. 

The Arnold family asked for trees in the background that would be native to their home state of Virginia. I usually draw pine or aspen trees, but they don't have those there. I searched and searched online for a Virginia tree and finally ended up with the State Tree, the dogwood tree, that blossoms these beautiful pink flowers. I really loved this one!

The Blaser family was special because it is my sister-in-law Jamie's family. They are the nicest, best family. 

Just before Christmas I decided to finally get a hair cut, I wont tell you how long it had been since I had been in last. Anywho, I love my hair lady, Stephanie, and she was telling me she couldn't find anything for her dad for Christmas and I said, "I know the best gift to give someone who has everything . . .  a family portrait!" This is her sweet family, and she said her dad and family loved it! I especially love her sister who it holding the cat. She loves her cat so much. :)

Large families take a lot longer to draw and more brain power for me to sort everyone out and then try squeeze everyone in, but when I'm done they are always my favorite. So many small details to look at. Loved this family!

This was a uniques and special order. The mom asked me to draw her 9 year old daughter (with her favorite animal - dolphin) and surround her with positivity words. She sent me a list of beautiful words that describe her and I loved it!

The Nuffer family is awesome. I loved adding small details, like the passport in the husband's pocket because they travel and ballerina shoes for the daughter, and my favorite part are the toe shoes, and sandals. :) 

My dear friend Holly asked me to draw her stepmom June and her children & grandchildren. Holly's father passed away (June's husband) and he is in the black frame. My husband helped me find the right skateboard logos to go with the skateboard. 

The Bess family was a very dear project. I have never met them, but my friend Rebecca e-mailed me asking me to draw this sweet family. The mom has cancer and her diagnosis is not too good. She wanted this sweet mom to have a picture of them all together. Rebecca also told me about a camp that is near and dear to her heart, it is called Camp Kesem, it is for children who's parents have cancer. The Bess children are signed up to go this year. Here is a link to read more about it. I have never met this family but after drawing them I feel like we are close friends. They are in my thoughts and prayers often. 

I took a cake decorating class with one of my oldest friends. We loved our instructor and loved hearing about her grandchildren she adores. In the end she taught us to decorate fabulous cupcakes & cakes and I drew her two daughters and their families. 

People often ask to include a family dog or cat, this was a first for me, a pet snake. It was so fun to draw!!

This family was just so stinkin adorable! The dad & son love the Bulls, and the mom described her hair like "Shakira" and big hoop earrings. I loved drawing the son's blue glasses. 

Remember that Scotland portrait I drew for John & Julia's 60th anniversary? Here is the link to the original post. One of the grandchildren, Michael (on the far left) asked me to draw his dear friends for their wedding present. Nick proposed to Vicki at this same location. I loved drawing this, and I especially loved drawing the Scottish kilt! Congratulations Nick & Vicki!

Holly is one of my most favorite people! She was one of my first customers several years ago and since then has ordered many portraits for friends & family, but I've never draw her AND her husband together. This year her good friend e-mailed me to draw a portrait for Holly & her husband. They truly are Mr. & Mrs. Fabulous!

My beautiful, hilarious and just wonderful niece is a senior in high school and we all adore her and her cute boyfriend. I wanted to draw them a portrait to remember but I couldn't decided which to draw, them in their Prom formal clothes, or casual clothes, so I drew both. 
Here they are in their formal clothes . .

And here they are in their casual clothes. They really are this cute in real life!

Thank you again for letting me be apart of your family. Families are crazy. It's where you learn to fight, tease, pick on one another, but it is also the place where you learn to forgive, help, encourage, stand up for, and love one another. What a beautiful creation families are. 

For this week I'm offering a special Valentine's Day offer. I'll draw you and your sweetheart for only $20, and that includes a shipped 5X7 print. I'll also e-mail you the digital file so you can print it any size you like. Click here for the link and more details.