About Spring

Hi there, my name is Spring . . .  yep it really is. I started doodling stick figures during high school and then started again as a way to entertain my little children. 

I am from the great state of Idaho and have a rad husband and three especially rad children.


One day a cute neighbor girl came over and saw one of my doodles and asked me to draw her family. I did and loved it. Ever since then I have been drawing family portraits. I started this blog as a way to share children puppets, silly sarcastic cards, Chuck Norris jokesDon't Eat Pete games, with friends and family and have been very amazed where it has taken me and how I have grown.  

You might see references to Bible ABC app or LDS ABC app I drew pictures for. Yep, I'm one of those weird mormons. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as LDS or Mormons. I love my faith and feel it brings me closer to God, but I never want it to make anyone feel excluded. This blog and my doodles are for all!

And finally why the title "Spring Time Treats?" My husband's first nickname for me was Spring Time, and while I'm a terrible cook, I think of my doodles as hopefully Treats I can share (because you really don't want to try anything I bake). 

I changed the name to Spring Time Doodles just to make it a little clearer what I do. Some things say Spring Time Treats, and others say Spring Time Doodles, same person, same business, same Spring.

These little cuties are what encourage me to doodle . . . and distract me from doodling. 

Pictures and doodle ideas are for personal use only, NOT for resale or re-distribution. Please contact me for commercial use work. If you want to use one of my pictures on your blog or site, feel free to, but please reference my blog, I appreciate it! Feel free to contact me with any questions! springmcdonald(at)gmail.com